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If you have a page that links to this site, or are using our code, or just have a very cool programming related site, then send an email to webmaster@hawksoft.com and it will be included here.

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Projects using Hawk Software libraries

UFO2000 The UFO2000 team is using HawkNL
Cyber-What!? voice conferencing Borivoje Kova is using HawkVoiceDI
MUNE: Multi-User Network Engine Will Jennings is using HawkNL
ZIG Game Engine Fabio R. Cecin is using HawkNL
GNE -- Game Networking Engine Gillius is using HawkNL
SpaceWars Nick Fisk is using HawkNL
Ice Jumper Fabio Reis Cecin is using HawkNL
Outgun: a CTF multiplayer game Fabio Reis Cecin is using HawkNL
BLOODLINES (broken link! email me if you have a new one) Kyrite Entertainment is using HawkNL
Mykro Planets Jordan Tuzsuzov is using HawkNL
The Enet Project Anthony Whitehead is using HawkNL

Useful tools and libraries links

Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
Splint (was LCLint)
POSIX Threads (pthreads) for WIN32
OpenAL-Open Source Audio Library

Useful networking links

Programmers Heaven
Dead Reckoning: Latency Hiding for Networked Games
Winsock Programmer's FAQ
CodeWhore.com (Scroll down to 'Writing Networked Simulations')

Useful speech compression and digital signal processing (DSP) links

Ultimate compression resources catalog - Speech compression area
DSP Related.com
DataCompression.info - Speech

Other misc. links

The Game Development Search Engine
GameDev.net and Game Dictionary
flipcode- Game Development News and Resources