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HAWK Game Engine

The HAWK game engine is a Windows 95/NT 4.0 library or DLL designed to make it easy to create OpenGL games. The code base is, however, organized to be portable.

HAWK 0.8 FULL SOURCE CODE has been released! See the Download page.

Current features for version 0.8:

Rotating sky
Sky is drawn
Animated textures
Get the CPU frequency (in MHz)
Optional log file for debugging
New I/O routines, reads data from Quake II .pak file, or from unpacked directories
DirectInput support (for joysticks and other game controllers)
Improved memory management
Solid and transparent particles
Source code for game.dll will be included
Optional 'external' view of player
Model animation functions
DirectSound support
Loads Quake II .md2 model animations
ID the CPU vendor, CPU type, MMX and 3DNow! technology
The effect/AI routines are in a separate DLL (game.dll)
HAWK is now a DLL(hawk.dll)
OpenGL rendered mouse pointer
Particle system for explosions, smoke trails, etc.
Full screen color blending effect (underwater, pain, etc.)
Screen shot function, dumps screen to Windows 24 bit BMP
Translucent textures are supported
Screen text manager with scrolling messages, use like printf()
Gamma correction (on load)
No glu* calls are used
Windowed or full screen mode
Command line switches for screen size, Window/full screen mode, lighting enabled/disabled, and texture prescaling
Visibility list, Z-buffer, backface, and frustum culling polygons
MIP mapping textures
Control of mipmap generation, including prescaling textures to lower memory requirements
Multiple pass colored dynamic lighting
Multiple views
Screen text messages
Screen overlays
Sprite objects
Simple effects
Collision detection(rays, spheres, and AABBox)
BMP (8 and 24 bit), PCX, JPG, and WAL(Quake2 format), TGA (24 or 32 bit) textures
Import/read Quake II levels

Screen shots are here