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GLTrace Programming Utility

GLTrace is an OpenGL programming utility that intercepts and logs OpenGL calls made by a running application. It can be used on ANY OpenGL application- no source code is required. Use it to debug your own software, or learn from others ;)

Latest news:

Version 2.3 alpha 2 is on the download page! Preliminary GLX support for Linux/Solaris has been added. And extensions can now be disabled. More extensions still need to be added, and more options such a wireframe mode for debugging and NULL driver for performance testing.

3dfx owners read this: Some 3dfx 2D/3D cards, such as Voodoo 3 cards, will show a blank window when using the standard opengl32.dll driver in the /system/ folder. In order to fix this problem, specify 3dfxogl.dll as your OpenGL driver in your gltrace.ini file.