Be careful when using dynamic menus

The #1 reason I browse the Internet is to look for information and news.  The #2 reason is to look at all the cool things web designers come up with.  Cool layouts, color schemes, navigation, etc.  However, all the while in the back of my mind I always wonder about accessibility: are these cool pages still accessible to those using alternative browsers or screen readers?  The sad thing is many times the answer is ‘no’, but they could have been.  Menus (and links in general) are the worst offenders, and usually JavaScript or Flash is an accomplice. Continue reading

Ask Phil – Can an LGPL library be used for commercial software?

Many times I have been asked:

I would like to use your library HawkNL (or HawkVoiceDI) in a commercial application.  Does the LGPL allow me to do this? Or can I license your library for a commercial application?

My reply:

First, please read he full terms of the LGPL Version 2.  Basically, if you use the library as a Windows DLL or *nix loadable module or shared object, then you only need to provide source for the library and any modifications you added.  The end user MUST be able to modify the library source and recompile the library if they choose.  A good example of this was Sony’s use of HawkVoiceDI in the game Planetside.  Sony used HawkVoiceDI as a DLL and provided a link to the source code in the online manual.

And yes, these libraries, and some of my other code, is available under a commercial license.  Hawk Software is a part-time job for me, so licensing helps keep this website up!