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The family-owned company: weakness or greatest asset?

When you run an insurance agency, you’re used to thinking several moves ahead, like a chess game. You anticipate the future, not just for your customers but for your agency. So when you consider a management system, you look into more than just the software company’s current products and prices. You want to know what this software company is all about. When you hear “family-owned,” it’s tempting to think that it’s a pejorative term. Is that the case? Actually, no. One-third of all the companies in the S&P 500 index are family controlled, and they outperform their competitors. In fact, this percentage is only growing. How is this possible?
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Why use QuickBooks with HawkSoft?

Let us make your agency accounting quick, easy, and painless. HawkSoft contains a strong accounting core that can stand alone in managing your agency, but we took it a step further by partnering with QuickBooks, the # 1 accounting system used by independent insurance agents. You’ll love how easy it is to process payroll and reconcile automatically with online banking. You can keep track of the money coming in and going out of your agency all in one easy-to-use place.
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What’s the big deal with Exchange?

Is your agency email accessible from any device? Do you have a professional email address that's not just a free gmail account? Do you have access to priority technical support and training? If not, the world may be moving on without you. Learn how you can work smarter and be more professional with your email.
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What insurance customers want

In the insurance industry, customers’ expectations are higher than ever for convenience, quality, and competitive pricing. Agencies that are willing to accommodate these demands are finding huge growth opportunities.
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