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About Phil Frisbie, Jr.

I have been programming since 1978. Over the years I have learned and used BASIC, assembly (6502 and x86), Pascal, Image, Visual FoxPro, SAS, C (DJGPP, GNU, and Visual C++), JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, and PHP.

I have worked for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) since 1986. I have held several positions, with duties that have included warehousing, shipping and receiving, purchasing, property control, PC support, administering Windows web servers running IIS and Apache, and developing web pages and applications. I am currently a Public Information Officer/Web Content Administrator for Caltrans District 1. I still perform some of the duties above such as purchasing and web page development, but my primary duties include representing Caltrans to the media, handling comments, questions, and concerns from the public, writing news releases, reviewing materials going out to the public to insure they are clear and consistent, and writing news articles for various Caltrans publications.

In addition to programming, I enjoy spending time with family, reading, rebuilding cars (I have two VWs right now to rebuild: a Bug and a Karmann Ghia), gardening, home repairs and improvements, and community service.